Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello all! I thought I would check in with a little update. As I've been spending time away from my first novel, I've been working on another one. It's called Esther and it's a bit of a Scarlet Letter type story. Who doesn't LOVE forbidden love? Now I am going to spend some time away from this novel and go back to my first one. I’ve also been reading like a fiend because, well, I believe that the best writers are avid readers. Lately I’ve been into Kate Morton, thanks to Scott.

Unfortunately, I've been very much out of the loop here, but I see that so many of you have landed agents or publishing contracts. Congratulations to all of you who are realizing your dreams. I know that it takes a lot of hard work and determination. It’s very encouraging to those of us who are working toward that goal. I have had to put 110% of myself into my job for quite a while, so that has been quite a road block to my writing. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to really spend some time writing soon.