Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Folded Laundry on Top of my Book

Oh yes, it has been quite the hiatus. It’s been so long, that I even had time to stop feeling guilty about it. It’s part of the process isn’t it? The book sits upon my dresser, half marked up with first edits and with folded laundry on top of it. Come on, at least it’s CLEAN laundry.

Sometimes I crack it open to look at it and I realize that it is what it is, and it’s where it's meant to be at the time…unfinished. However, I do feel myself being drawn into the story once again. My characters are sitting there suspended in time, wondering if I am ever going to fix awkward scenes and hoping for better outcomes. In my head Kate sits there smoking a cigarette, begging me to cut out all of the scenes where she makes a fool out of herself with men. Fat chance.

Well, maybe I will get the urge to sit down and read through it again this weekend. Where will I put the laundry?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Writer's Block....Unmotivated! I love this guy and all of his great advice. If you don't follow him, you should. That's about it!

Ask the Editor

Anyone have any words of motivation?

Literary Lab - Short Story Contest

Our friends over at The Literary Lab are holding a short story contest! Scoot on over over for details!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She Gets a Puppy and Poof...She's Gone!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and writing away! Things have been crazy for me. I am adjusting to my new lifestyle and am having a nice (much needed) break from writing. I think this is good because I will be able to go back to my manuscript with a fresh perspective, and I am looking forward to it.

The puppy still takes a lot of my time, and he really doesn’t like to sleep, be contained, or to not be entertained by me on a regular basis. Sigh! I haven’t forgotten you all…I still check out blogs here and there. Just don’t have a lot of time to myself to play on the computer. Anyway, here is a new video of my pup. Lots of love!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What can I say? I am exhausted! Between work and trying to figure out how to raise a puppy, I am pretty overwhelmed these days. Puppies really change your lifestyle…much like babies. The thing that has really been hard for me to adjust to is the loss of sleep. Having said all of that, I miss you guys! Honestly, I really needed (need) a vacation while I regroup and try to figure things out. Writing and blogging has sort of taken a backseat in my life, though I am sure I will get back to it soon. I haven’t even been able to read a book lately. So sad!

Well, how are you guys? Leave me a comment and let me know that you are out there and doing well. I promise I will get back to blogging soon…I will have A LOT of catching up to do!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm thinking that you all probably read Nathan's blog but if you don't, this is a great post!

Revision Checklist

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tired Momma

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much. My new puppy has taken all of my time and energy this weekend. It really is pretty much like having a new baby come home. The good news is that it is getting a little bit easier.

I named him Miles, and he is the sweetest little guy ever. This morning he asked to go outside so he could go potty! WOW! He is only sixteen weeks old. He learned how to sit on command for a treat too! I will post some pictures a little later. I am just trying to adjust to everything and finding myself tired and overwhelmed. So, it might take a little while for me to get back to any type of normalcy.

Does anyone have puppy stories to share? Did you find yourself overwhelmed? How long did it take you to get back to normal?

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Going to be a Mommy!

Here is my new baby:




The girl in the picture is his breeder. The older dogs are his parents. That's what he will look like when he is full grown. I love him! I have waited seven years for him. Finally, making the commitment. What shall I name him? Suggestions? I am between Miles and Bailey.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The World is too Much with Me

When Wordsworth wrote the lines, “The world is too much with us,” he was referring to the fact that people were more concerned with material things and social status than with nature and spirituality. Well, this weekend the world has been too much with me. What I mean by this is that all of the crazy things in my life have stifled my creativity. Instead of reading a book or writing, I have watched movies, texted friends, wrote emails, surfed the web, shopped, baked, and entertained the idea that I should buy a new thumb drive.

Wordsworth would be so disappointed. I really should have been outside observing nature like a poet, but instead I opted to observe technology. Perhaps I should write a sonnet, Ode to my Blackberry (which, incidentally, I cannot live without). Maybe I can be forgiven because of the fact that my apartment complex pales in comparison the English countryside. Also, my margarita bucket has nothing on opium or laudanum.

What is this crazy woman's point you ask? My point is that my poor novel is sitting there waiting for revisions, and I am neglecting its needs! My characters are suspended in time. They are waiting for me to give them life again, and to write some new experiences for them. They want to be seen and heard, and I have chosen to ignore their voices. When I get caught up in writing, time flies by, and before I know it, the weekend is over. I really needed to rest, and I really needed a nice long break.

So, sorry I haven’t been commenting on blogs or beta reading this weekend. I’m just tired. On a happy note, I have decided to adopt a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel rescue pup. I filled out some applications, prayed about it, and am waiting for the right one to come along. It was easier than finding a husband. *snicker*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yeah Baby...I've Just Been Gnominated!

I bet you all can't guess who this came from! Thank you so much Marybeth for this wonderful gnome award. It REALLY made my day. I'll display it proudly on my blog with a link to yours. You rock!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Revisions Batman!

Do you ever feel frustrated because you have a vision for your WIP, but you don’t know how to go about getting it there? It’s pretty overwhelming at times. I am working hard on revisions for The Heart is Lonely Still. Some days I feel like I have a handle on it, and other days I feel completely out of control. I know all about layers, and perhaps I am just frustrated at how long it takes to perfect a manuscript. I can’t possibly get this up to snuff after two revisions, maybe not even three or four, five or six, or ever! I do know this…I won’t put this book down until I get it as perfect as I can.

The amazing thing is that I am reading and taking in everything I can from agents, editors, and other writers (published and not). It has helped tremendously to beta read too! It’s good to know that we all experience the same things, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. There is a whole community of people out there who are willing to help. How cool is that? So what if some of them have margarita drinking gladiators named Tyrone as their main characters! We still love them, and that's why I love all of you.

Speaking of amazing writers and blogs. I just got through reading this post on Linda Sandifer’s blog, Writing out West, about using your senses in writing. If you haven’t already read it, jump on over. She has published numerous books, and her blog rocks!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blog Award

Thank you so much Danyelle from Myth-Takes for the lovely blog award. You are simply awesome too my dear!

Now, I am going follow in Beth's footsteps and award this blog award to the first five people who respond to this post. As far as I'm concerned you are ALL winners. Thanks for the constant support and for helping me keep my sanity!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Scott's Main Character

Scott, I thought I would post it for you...since you aren't up on that whole adding photos and videos to blogger thing. Photoshop snobs, appreciate the comedic value please! I have no clue what I'm doing. *snicker*

Here is a link to Scott's blog...jump on over for a visit!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just for Fun

I really wanted to get a visual of them... my characters that is! These are the faces I visualize in The Heart is Lonely Still...


Kate Beckinsale as Kate Harrington


Colin Firth as Henry Clarke


Jude Law as Jude Matthews


Richard Armitage as John Clement


Rosamund Pike as Jane Clayborne


Lucy Griffiths as Claire Clement

Question: What faces would you pick to represent your characters?

In Honor of Hamlet

In the spirit of all that is Shakespeare, I felt compelled to post the scene in Hamlet from which I named my blog. I LOVE the way Kenneth Branagh works this scene where Hamlet further adds to Polonius's belief that he has gone mad.

Not only is Hamlet my favorite play by Shakespeare, but the character Hamlet is one of my all-time favorite literary characters. He is so wonderfully complex, yet simple at the same time. I was also inspired to post this because of Michelle's post at the Literary Lab. If you haven't visited the Fab Three at the Lit Lab...jump on over.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Couple of Must Reads...

Literary Agent Rachel Gardner's post, “How Do You Learn to Write,” drew in comments and infinite wisdom from published and non-published writers alike. The comments read like a tutorial on how to become a good writer, and ultimately, good enough to publish. If you haven’t read it, I recommend that you do.

Authoress on Miss Snark’s First Victim posted on the “over shopped” query. Sometimes writers send their queries through so many critiques that their voice gets lost in the shuffle. Great post...something to think about.

Oh...don't forget about Editorial Ass and his "Publishing Light Bulb Jokes". Great comedic relief!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Editing Bloopers

So, all day today I have been reading through my manuscript, crossing things out, and rewriting when I came across a scene where one of my main character’s mother passes away. To set up the scene, the character (John) gets a phone call from his family, saying they want to take their mother off of life support. Well, when he arrives at the hospital, he is able to talk to his mother. In fact, she talks to everyone until the doctor comes and takes away the life support.

I laughed so hard I was crying. Obviously, if someone is on life support, they won’t be talking to anyone. If they are awake and talking…why would a doctor come in a pull the plug on them? Can you say…bad soap opera? Not what I want, so clearly I will be doing some heavy duty edits there. So funny!

What are some of the funniest things you found while editing? Especially a first draft…

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wordle for The Heart is Lonely Still

You are NOT Your Writing

I was inspired to write this post from Nathan Bransford’s post about not letting writing define you. I wholeheartedly agree. I used to define myself by the work I was doing. When I became a teacher, I was thrilled. My job meant everything to me, and anything that threatened my position would cause me to sink into depression. Every “see me” from the principal of the school where I was working might as well have been a pink slip. It came to the point where the fear of losing my job became all encompassing. Then I realized something very important. I was tying my whole identity and self-worth into my job. My job defined me. Without it, who was I?

I see this same thing happening to some writers. In fact, I felt this way when I finished my novel. I entered a small tidbit into a Drop the Needle contest on Miss Snark’s First Victim. Of course, I had no business doing this because my novel is only a first draft! What did I expect? Well the outcome wasn’t good. It makes me laugh now because I have grown so much since that time. Seriously, too funny! After the contest I was crushed, and now I know why. Once again I was putting my self-worth into something that I had no business putting it into.

Your job and your writing are transitory, meaning they come and go. Change is inevitable. If you tie your self-worth into transitory things, it will also come and go. Self-worth may change and grow as we change and grow, but it should be tied to only one thing, you. Perhaps this may be the key to acceptance when something doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Usually when things don’t work out, your higher power is sending you in another direction.

Having said this, I think publishing is a good goal but not the ultimate goal. I put a lot of work into my novel, and I plan to put a lot more work into it. What if it doesn’t get published after I put all of that work into it? Well, I will ask myself what I got out of the process, or what did I learn? Perhaps that is the ultimate goal… the experience, the learning, the life lessons. I have learned so much already, especially from all of you.

This brings me to critiques. A critique, good or bad, is a gift. They help you grow and develop into what we all desire to be…good writers. I always hear successful writers say how the harshest advice they had ever received helped them grow leaps and bounds. Think about it, sometimes rejection puts us back on the right path. It sent me to grad school! Perhaps if we don’t define ourselves by our writing, it might be easier to stomach harsh critiques and rejection. In the end, your book is not YOU.

I know, harder said than done, but think about it. If a book doesn’t work… you learned something. It was worth your while. Now, move on and write another one. You won’t get anywhere by quitting.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Writing Emotion

I have quite a few scenes in my book that are very emotional, but I feel that they aren’t really coming across to the reader that way. I want the reader to feel every emotion. What is the best, most effective way to write intensely emotional scenes? Examples, tricks of the trade, advice anyone?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Printed Manuscript

Baby step one, it's printed. Oh yeah, look at me go. Here it is closed and sitting on my end table...


Here it is open and sitting on my end table...


It is kind of nice to hold it in my hands. It makes it feel more real. Now I take deep breaths as I prepare to read. Oh yeah, and edit. Or, maybe I could have something to eat, watch a movie, take a shower, and then edit.


Just in case you haven't seen this, and on the continuing subject of editing. Please funny!!!

How Sensitive are You?

Somehow I think we are all going to be under the same category! Sad thing is... I wanted to correct the grammar / punctuation on my results. Aye me...

Your Sensitivity Score: 89%
You are an extremely sensitive person. You notice everything.
You've probably been called overly sensitive before, and it's partially true.
Highly sensitive people tend to be highly intelligent. And you just can't turn off that part of you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Indie Bound

I'm now an affiliate of Indie Bound. If you are a strong supporter of Indie bookstores, you can become an affiliate and earn a small fee for any traffic generated from linking Indie Bound on your webpage or blog.

Shop Indie Bookstores

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Editor Kitteh

I Just don't Know

I don’t know. The more I learn about what I don’t know about writing fiction, and the more blogs about writing that I read, the more I find myself staying away from my book. I am almost afraid to touch it. What if I make it worse? I don’t know where to even start making it better. I suppose this is a “block” of some sort, or more like paralyzed by fear? Good people in blogosphere I need advice. My book is a first draft at this point, and I can see that it’s not up to par. It needs a lot of work. Obviously! Maybe I think it needs more work than it does. Maybe I need more confidence. ARGH! I don’t know!

I read a post the other day that sort of broke the editing process down into steps. I’m thinking this is how you’d avoid feeling as overwhelmed as I do right now. Any good books or recent blog posts that might help? Does anyone else ever feel this way or am I an anomaly?

Wow, I feel good for getting all of that out! I think there is a certain freedom in admitting that you just don't know.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay folks….listen up! We have exactly SIX (Yes SIX) months until NanoWrimo. Are you ready? Six months may seem like a long time, but it’s barely enough time for us to get into NanoShape! Get those writer booties in gear and GET READY! Here’s how:

Daily Exercise


Typing takes muscle! That’s right…MUSCLE. If you don’t build those typing muscles, there is no way you will be able to get to the finish line. Here are a few tips for building typing muscles:

  • Weights - tape miniature Hershey bars to all of your fingers for extra weight, then type as usual. The extra weight will help build muscle and you can save the chocolate for Nano month when you are finished! Remember, high reps, low weight!

  • Finger pushups (aka. spider doing pushups on a mirror) - press the tips of all of your fingers together and stretch your palms out, then back in again and again. This can even be done while watching television or talking on the phone.

  • Tap to the music – turn on your favorite music and tap your fingers the beat. Make sure you give all of your fingers the chance to tap…not just your forefinger.

  • Walk – well it’s just good for everything.

  • Clean your bookshelves – it’s good for the arms and shoulders.

  • Wash the tub – builds arm muscles.

  • You get the point…get those fingers a moving!


In order to make up for the ten pounds we are bound to gain from Nano month, we must lose at least ten pounds now to counteract it. A well balanced diet of fruits and veggies will suffice. Watch those carbs! It takes five pounds of chocolate to get a writer through Nano… we want to save our carb calories for that! Don’t forget to take your vitamins.

Gather the Necessities

The following is a list of must-haves for Nano month:

· Chocolate – duh!
· Wine – to relax
· Aspirin – eye strain and muscle strain
· Friends – to bring supplies when needed
· Easy to cook meals – you won’t have time to cook
· Soap – yeah…take showers! Please!
· Vitamin D – you won’t see a lot of sun

Feel free to add to the list!

Just a few pointers for getting ready for NanoWrimo. Hopefully this year there will be the most productive year ever. Good luck to all of you!

So, what do you think?

I’ve finally changed the look of my blog after hours of searching online for the perfect layout (and a few spikes in blood pressure). I really wanted something simpler that I could tweak and make it more “me”. So, what do you think? Incidentally, I didn’t know that I would lose all of my links etc. It was so much fun having to add all of that back on. Not!

I hope you all had a good weekend! Perhaps I will have enough brain power soon to post something worthwhile. Thank you all so much for your ongoing support. It never fails to amaze me how our little community of writers will step up and help each other out. You guys rock!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Queries - Behind the Scenes

Dudes and dudettes... I am busy with the end of the term here at school, but I came across this VERY helpful advice on Alan Rinzler’s blog. He goes over two queries and discusses them on a voice recording. Great advice! He talks a lot about platforms. I think I have to puke now. Where are those zombie pics everyone has?

Have a listen!

Alan Rinzler on Queries
Update: Guppy turned me into a zombie!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello beautiful people of the writing world! Please forgive me for not posting or responding much, I am still recovering from the big wedding weekend. However, I came across this post today and I had to share it with all of you who are itching for NANOWRIMO and can’t wait until November. There is a “MAYNOWRIMO” going on in the month of May. Click here to check it out!

The picture...well, it's just freakin funny!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of Town

I'm going out of town this weekend to my sister's wedding. Yup, I'm the world's oldest bridesmaid (I think I hear a fiddle playing in the distance). You see, I hate weddings. Perhaps I am the only woman on the face of the earth that hates them, but I do. I am very happy that my sister has found the love of her life, but why torture me like this? Why not elope? Well, at least my shoes are cute. Just trying to look on the bright side. I'll just drink a lot wine!

Anyway...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Brithday to the Bard!

Today is Shakespeare's 445th Brithday! So, happy birthday to the man who brought to the world the most beautiful words ever written. In his honor, my favorite sonnet:

Sonnet 116

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love ’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error, and upon me prov’d,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d.

-William Shakespeare

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was thinking today (yes thinking) how funny it is that people think they can crank out any old story, any old time, send it off to a publisher or an agent, and expect it to be published (and not laughed at). They just woke up one morning and decided to write a book! They are flabbergasted and indignant when their book gets rejected even once. No wonder poor agents are pulling their hair out and venting through blogs and tweets. This reminded me of something my sister and I did when we were children. We wrote a song called “Old Kentucky Cowgirl” (we are from Florida) and mailed it off to Olivia Newton John (probably her fan club), fully expecting Olivia Newton John to fall in love with it and seek us out as song writers. Needless to say, Olivia Newton John probably didn’t lay eyes on it, but I bet someone got a good laugh at it.

Alright… I’m done laughing now. I’m sure you were probably laughing too. We all realize that writing is, well, HARD as heck! We read blogs after blogs (editors, agents, publishers), we read books, and we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our manuscripts, praying that it might be good enough after the eightieth editing session to send off to an agent. Ugh! Wait, I’m not done. Nope. We join critting groups, submit our queries a hundred times until they are perfected, and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Wait, that’s Hamlet. I mean we suffer the critiques of everyone we know, including other writers, just because we want to be better writers.

We are the few and the proud folks. Not marines… but serious writers who care about mastering the craft, who truly love literature, who love bringing joy to others, who love to create, who want to spare the poor agents of the world from crazy queries about books on leg hair braiding (including samples). Think about it! If you are reading this blog, and others about writing, you are way ahead of the game! So, next time you feel down and depressed about a rejection… think about those who haven’t made it as far as you have. Keep reaching for the stars! Never give up! We love to write… RIGHT?

Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs 2009

I found this site while "surfing" the web today, and I thought I would share it with you. So, sift through and see if there is anything of interest. You just may recognize a few names!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 10 things to do with a manuscript that doesn’t sell:

1. Use it as a stool in kitchen to reach the cabinets. What else do you do with your 1000 page epic about a vampire that couldn’t get into Harvard, so he became a used car salesman and a flamingo dancer? I mean, it took ten ink cartridges to print it! Make haste, not waste.

2. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Make into cat litter, a dog bed, stuff some pillows for the couch, or make a sock monkey. It’s all about going green these days!

3. Take it to Kinko’s and have it bound yourself. Wrap it up and give it to everyone you know for Christmas. Nothing like a personalized gift! Just think of all the money you’ll save.

4. Perhaps you could even try to sell it outside of Barnes and Noble. Be sure to ask first! Also, including lemonade with the purchase might be a great idea! Free lemonade with the purchase of one Kinko’s bound manuscript of vampire epic! Sounds like a deal!

5. Wallpaper a room in your house. What an idea! Always think outside the box!

6. Use it to elevate your computer monitor. I don’t know about you, but it annoys me when I have to look down at my monitor. It can’t be ergonomic!

7. Wrap it up in tin foil and use it as an exercise weight! Work those triceps and biceps! You can always use it for step aerobics too. Nothing like buns of steel to make you feel better about things!

8. Make 1000 paper airplanes. Go for the Guinness Book of World Records!

9. Make 1000 paper fans. Sell those with the lemonade!

10. Put in a Tupperware container and float it out to sea… hoping that someone will find it years from now and make you famous! Anything can happen.

When life gives you lemons….

Nicolas Sparks - Writer's Corner


The best way to learn how to be a successful writer is to observe and learn from successful writers. A while back I decided to visit Nicolas Sparks’ website. You may or may not like his books, I suppose it depends on your taste in books or genres, but Nicolas Sparks has found success on a grand scale. We can’t argue with that. He was also generous enough to include a section on his website for aspiring writers. This is what I love about writers, they are usually quick to help and support each other.

On Sparks’ website he has a section entitled writer’s corner where you can find advice from mastering the craft, to writing query letters, to his long road to publication. I think it’s definitely worth a read.
So, what are you waiting for? Click here and away you go…

Monday, April 20, 2009

Confidence is Key

Ouch! Rejection hurts! Let’s face it, those of us who want to publish are asking to enter into a tough business. The most successful writers are those who can remain positive and persevere, even in the face of adversity. Rejection is a part of the business, and we need to learn how to put on a brave face, go forth, and conquer. Okay, maybe not conquer exactly, unless you are the conquering type. What I mean is that you can’t give up. You need to believe in your project, and believe in yourself above all. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

I recently stumbled upon an editor’s blogsite that I found extremely helpful. If you don’t follow him, I recommend that you do. In this post (How Successful Writers Keep Their Confidence), he explains that the publishing business is a crazy business and it doesn’t always make sense. He also gives several tried and true ways that successful writers stay sane in the crazy world of publishing. My favorite point of advice, keep writing. That’s right… keep writing even when you think what you are writing is crap! In everything there is a lesson to be learned. If nothing else, perhaps you learned how to stay focused and finish a novel. If you have finished a novel, well you are way ahead of those who haven’t. What an accomplishment! Give yourself a big ole pat on the back, you rock!

My first novel taught me a lot about life and a lot about myself. In some ways it was prophetic… eerily so. I learned lessons that I really needed to learn. If this is all it was meant to do, so be it. I have come to terms with that. Now I am gathering the knowledge that I need through reading books, blogs, etc., to better my writing. Perhaps my next book will be published, or the next one. Who knows? I sure will have fun writing them folks. Maybe that will be the payoff. I’m alright with that. Ah…peace!

I hope you will jump over to Alan Rinzler’s blog to take in all of the priceless information that he has to offer on publishing. If anyone is still iffy… I got the link from Nathan Bransford’s blog. Perhaps that’ll sway you. Nothing like name dropping! *grin*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog Award - I Nominate YOU!

Beth Revis at writing it out has been kind enough to award me this blog award. Thank you Beth!
The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for great Gratitude and /or Attitude...and all I have to do is follow a few simple rules:
1. Post the logo on my blog.
2. Nominate 10 blogs with great gratitude/attitude.
3. List and link my nominees.

In return I nominate:

I tried to get everyone I didn't get last time! People are going to get tired of linking my blog! Thus I couldn't get 10 names. LOL Pretty soon we will all have every award tiwce! Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This made me laugh hysterically. It's late...!! LOL

Creativity and Vulnerability

By nature, artists are sensitive. It’s this same sensitivity that allows us to bare our souls for the sake of creativity. When we write (create), it is our ability to feel deeply the emotions of our characters and put them into words that allows our readers to feel deeply too. We pour our souls into our work. We become vulnerable to others. Sometimes when we write, we feel completely drained because we have put every last ounce of energy and emotion into our work. I have had to take breaks from writing my novel at times because something that happened to my characters would drain me. I would find myself in tears, depressed, drained, and unable to give anymore of myself to anyone.

I have protected my novel like it’s a child. I am making myself vulnerable to those that read it. It’s leaving me open to hurt and pain. It’s frightening. I think we all feel this way to a certain extent. I also realize that we have to find the courage to make ourselves vulnerable to others. We have to find the courage to send our babies out to the world and risk rejection, hurt, and pain. We have to take this risk to be successful, to publish, and to grow as writers and as people.

We, the people who feel so deeply that we are able to create something beautiful - a book, a picture, a painting, a movie- have to be strong in the face of rejection. It’s a dichotomy. I suppose some people manage to marry the two, or they are pretty good at faking it. Look at all of the artists throughout the ages who suffered for their art. We call them tortured souls, but they were just like us.

It helps me to think that we are all in this together. We will all make ourselves vulnerable, and we will all face rejection. We are the ones who feel deeply, which I believe is a gift. There is not a single writer in the history of the world who has written a perfect piece of work, edited a couple of times, never had any outside opinions, and published their work the next day. Not the Bronte sisters, or Jane Austen, or John Keats, who never published until after he died. Franz Kafka, who I adore, thought his work was so terrible, he asked that it be burned upon his death, yet his work in every college curriculum in the Western world. It’s the nature of writing, I tell my students. It’s almost impossible for us to see ALL of our own mistakes.

I have no answers… just ramblings. So, I will leave you with a quote by John Osborne (English playwright, and screenwriter):

“Asking a writer what he thinks about criticism is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs.”

Oh those English….

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Baby Belle

Fellow Writer Needs Answers - Please Help!

Bryan Dubreuiel asks -

"Through any one's experience, what is a good time frame to make contact [with an agent to whom you have sent your manuscript]?The reason I ask is the "main" one I have my full out with, their website states "exclusive" but I didn't read this prior to my joy of sending the other two. But this agent has now had it for two months, so when can I move on, or better yet, contact her to ask for any progress?I am a very nice, easy to get a long with individual. I don't want to bother anyone, so would hate for them to throw it out because I inquire.I have exhausted my research, including reading the great and sometimes hilarious reviews from writers on, and the blogs so am asking for any and all advice!Thank you and I will see you all at the top! "

Please visit Brian's blog - Random Thoughts of a General Mind if you have an answer! Thank you!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spend the Day with Your Characters!

If you could bring to life a character from one of your stories and hang out with him or her for the day, which one would it be? Why? What advice would you give them?Include name, personality traits, etc.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Love to Write!

Oh yes, here it is folks. I have another book in my head begging to be written, much like the first one did. It trumps the one I want to write, and it haunts me in the wee hours of the morning. My fingers are burning and my mind won’t rest until I have begun. Actually, I did begin. And guess what… the first sentence draws the reader right into the world of the main character. Oh yes, this one is quite different than the other one (experience), but it’s still in the women’s lit (with a literary twist) genre. There will be murder, romance, time travel, forbidden love and obsessive love. No vampires (or zombies), but I was somewhat inspired by them (the hot ones).

Heck, you know what? Writing is totally self-indulgent for me. I love to travel to a different world that I can create as I go. It’s like reading, but better! Do I want to publish? Yes, but for me the experience outweighs the outcome.

Have any of you ever been working on a project when another project, that you just had to do, interrupted the process? I have a novel that needs edits, a novel that I have been researching but haven’t begun, and a novel that wants to be written now, now, now. Damn muse! She must have had fun on vacation (in the Greek isles with Debra’s muse) because she came back with a vengeance!
Don’t worry, I am still beta reading. You know who you are. This book is insanely good, and I get to say that I read it before it was published! He he

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Books on Writing

Damyanti was nice enough to put together a list of books on writing and to post them on her blog, Amlokiblogs. Check it out!

Click on the link:


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking the RULES!

Finding Balance

One of the hardest things in life is finding balance. How do we incorporate all of the things we love to do in a single day when there is so little time? I am posing this question because I haven’t quite figured this out yet. I seem to take on too many things, which leaves no time for me. It has left me feeling that I need a day or two to hide from the world. It has left me feeling somewhat dazed and confused. I am thinking that the day for me will pass in record speed, and the needle will be dropped once again on the same song. This happens over and over… and over again. And life flies by. Perhaps that’s why I wrote about the Metamorphosis. I feel like Gregor Samsa, turning into a bug. Ho hum…

Can anyone relate? I suppose part of it may be that I am pretty much alone. I don’t have a family and children, or someone to sort of navigate through the journey with me. I hope I will at some point. Until then I will sprout legs and crawl up the wall as people throw some parcels of food my way, still trying to figure out how to balance (juggle) everything. Or… perhaps I need to quit reading Kafka at the moment. *laughs at self*

Ps...I have stayed away from the WIP for two weeks. I'm now getting the shakes and other odd symptoms. Medication maybe?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogaholics Anonymous

Do you spend more than an hour a day reading blogs written by literary agents, editors, or publishers? Do you check all day long to see if they have posted anything new?

Do you follow more than five writer’s blogs? Do you check your dashboard constantly to see if anyone has posted?

Do you visit your writer friend’s blogs after you have already posted to see what their responses might be?

Do you order peanut butter online because one of your blog friends recommended it?

Do you wait anxiously for comments after you post your own blogs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have an addiction to blogging. Blogaholics Anonymous (for writers who blog) has helped numerous writers to come to grips with this serious condition. In extreme cases, blogaholics have been known sit in front of the computer for hours on end without showering or brushing their teeth. In very extreme cases, family members and friends are only able to contact the blogaholic by instant messenger, email, or by commenting on the blogaholic’s blog. Don’t let this happen to you. Blogaholics anonymous follows a 12 step-program meant to lead us toward a life free of addiction.

Unite with other blogaholics here! Introduce yourself as a blogaholic... it's the first step to recovery.