Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fellow Writer Needs Answers - Please Help!

Bryan Dubreuiel asks -

"Through any one's experience, what is a good time frame to make contact [with an agent to whom you have sent your manuscript]?The reason I ask is the "main" one I have my full out with, their website states "exclusive" but I didn't read this prior to my joy of sending the other two. But this agent has now had it for two months, so when can I move on, or better yet, contact her to ask for any progress?I am a very nice, easy to get a long with individual. I don't want to bother anyone, so would hate for them to throw it out because I inquire.I have exhausted my research, including reading the great and sometimes hilarious reviews from writers on querytracker.net, and the blogs so am asking for any and all advice!Thank you and I will see you all at the top! "

Please visit Brian's blog - Random Thoughts of a General Mind if you have an answer! Thank you!


WindyA said...

In my experience, and on several agent blogs I've read, I would say you've given more than enough time for this particular agent to make a decision. If they have not sent you any note stating they are behind or need more time, I would suggest following up with a call requesting an update. Most agents say they do not have an issue with a writer following up if a reasonable amount of time has passed and they have not replied.

The other thing is, are you sure they received it? I read about a situation where the requesting agent never received the ms and when the writer followed up, they didn't know what she was talking about.

Hope that helps!

Cindy said...

Two months have passed? I would definitely say that is sufficient time to at least inquire about about a full manuscript submission. I agree with WindyA, send them a follow up call or e-mail, just a polite inquiry.

lotusgirl said...

In general terms I've seen where 2-3 months is an appropriate time to request the status of your ms. when there is nothing specific on their posted info.

Lady Glamis said...

This is an appropriate time to follow up. If they don't answer, kindly let them know you are moving on.

That's just my opinion. I haven't queried yet and have no real experience. Good luck!

Litgirl01 said...

LG...but you will be querying in the not too distant future! :-)

Martin Willoughby said...

Two months is long enough. Call them, email them, contact them somehow.

If they don't reply, or won't answer, are they the kind of agent you want to do business with?