Saturday, May 30, 2009

The World is too Much with Me

When Wordsworth wrote the lines, “The world is too much with us,” he was referring to the fact that people were more concerned with material things and social status than with nature and spirituality. Well, this weekend the world has been too much with me. What I mean by this is that all of the crazy things in my life have stifled my creativity. Instead of reading a book or writing, I have watched movies, texted friends, wrote emails, surfed the web, shopped, baked, and entertained the idea that I should buy a new thumb drive.

Wordsworth would be so disappointed. I really should have been outside observing nature like a poet, but instead I opted to observe technology. Perhaps I should write a sonnet, Ode to my Blackberry (which, incidentally, I cannot live without). Maybe I can be forgiven because of the fact that my apartment complex pales in comparison the English countryside. Also, my margarita bucket has nothing on opium or laudanum.

What is this crazy woman's point you ask? My point is that my poor novel is sitting there waiting for revisions, and I am neglecting its needs! My characters are suspended in time. They are waiting for me to give them life again, and to write some new experiences for them. They want to be seen and heard, and I have chosen to ignore their voices. When I get caught up in writing, time flies by, and before I know it, the weekend is over. I really needed to rest, and I really needed a nice long break.

So, sorry I haven’t been commenting on blogs or beta reading this weekend. I’m just tired. On a happy note, I have decided to adopt a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel rescue pup. I filled out some applications, prayed about it, and am waiting for the right one to come along. It was easier than finding a husband. *snicker*


B.J. Anderson said...

I hear you on this one! A few of my other blogging buddies and I have started doing Unplug Week, where we take the entire week off beginning with the third Monday of every month.

This means no blogging, facebooking, twittering, or anything else that keeps you from writing. You can check out the details on the right-hand side of my blog. If we get enough people to take that third week off of every month, there won't be a bunch of blog posts that you'd be missing. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it!

Ann Victor said...

Ode to my Blackberry? LOL! That's something I should compose as well!! :)

On a more serious note, perhaps you needed the break from your novel and you'll return to it with a new perspective.

Alternatively, you could be suffering from that dread writer's disease called "procrastinationitis". It's pretty deadly and hard to shake off!!

Hope your muse returns soon!

Marybeth Poppins said...

May I suggest possibly sharing your margarita bucket with your characters? I'm sure then they would forgive you!

Martin Willoughby said...

Even being unplugged won't help. I got some writing and some more reading done over the week I was offline, but there were always other distractions.

Unplugging isn't the answer: us not procrastinating is the answer.

Scott said...

LitGirl - enjoy the technology and let your novel rest. I learned long ago, that, sometimes, I need to totally step away from my writing. I've done the whole not write a darn thing weekend. I've caught up on reading, watched movies, napped, and dreamed about margaritas. Okay, I didn't dream about margaritas, but I had to throw that in.

Life is about balance, and we do the best we can. We write when we write, and we suffer angst, frustration, and all sorts of other craziness when we don't. The point is - we can't write 24/7. Yeah, it'd be nice. It wouldn't be realistic either. I mean, seriously, how are you going to write effectively about a couch potato if you don't live the experience once in a while? How am I going to write about margarita drinking friends if I don't do the same thing once in a while.

Enjoy your moments of leisure, because they are far too few in this life!


Charlie said...

My book is waiting for me too. I justify the delay as wanting a fresh look at it before I continue the rewrite.

The King Charles Cavalier is one of my favorite dog. Good luck with that.

Lady Glamis said...

Yes, Monarch is being neglected as well. I just feel so lazy lately. And I've been beta reading some great stuff. The one thing I like to remind myself is that I know I'm thinking about my book all the time, and I know that I'm internalizing stuff in a way that I couldn't do sitting in front of the computer. Perhaps you are too?

I do need to go on a poet walk though....

Yes, you need to join me and B.J. in the unplugged week. :)

Mariah Irvin said...

I feel bad for my book too. Technology is way too addicting!

Reason Reanimator said...

I think writers have a tendency to overreach when socializing on the internet--or maybe overreaching is easy for anyone on the net.

There should be a stated understanding that each person cannot possibly comment at every other acquaintance's place, cannot possibly email everyone and answer every email. People should probably pick their most compatible friends, and focus on giving and getting support from them, assuming they need some support.

I don't have any tight ties anymore because I got so burnt out and disgusted by stress, so I just float around and jump in sometimes. Though I would love to socialize more, I really have very little energy left for socializing in whatever format--including in real life.

I think Scott is correct. A writer doesn't have to be writing all the time to be a writer; she's got to live too. I've always said a writer must have lived a life to be able to write about life. If life becomes only about writing, then writing's the only thing left to write about. (Been there, done that.)

Maybe pamper yourself some more because your post sounds like you've been due for some me-time. Don't worry about your writing--it'll still be there waiting for you!

How wonderful about the puppy :oD!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I agree with Scott. Sometimes you just need these kind of weekends. (And a new puppy!--let us know if and when you get one).

I've been editing and revising like a crazy woman and now I wish I would have enjoyed the weekend a bit more. So its a double edge sword.

I could use a margarita. :)

T. Anne said...

Congrats on your almost puppy!!!!!!!!! That is like a child and a husband rolled into one. ;)
When I first saw your post I thought of that Berlin song, 'no more words" It's stuck in my heed now.. Gee wonder why? =)

PJ Hoover said...

Puppies are such fun! And I'm glad you got your rest. Sometimes it is crucial.

dellgirl said...

I am so with you on this one! So many times it is all but impossible to write, and forcing it does not work for me. It comes out "gibberish", not fit for a clean sheet of typing paper, let alone for another human being to read.

Try not to feel too bad, you needed the break, even if it was with your Blackberry.

I hope you have a good week ahead.

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Yamile said...

I just got a typewriter from ebay, hoping that if I don't have internet access, I will really work when I sit to do that, and not check FB and email every few minutes. I should write an ODe to my Iphone. I can't live without it.
I hope you do get that puppy; they're so much fun!

Litgirl01 said...

BJ - I saw that you girls were going to do that. I just may join ya! ;-)

Ann - I think it is procrastinationitis! LOL Long word!

Marybeth - They wanted martinis! The nerve of them...

Martin - probably so...

Scott - Tyrone drank all the margaritas then split. Seriously, you forgot to give him manners! lol

Charlie - I love cavys! I can't wait!

Glam - Yes! I am constantly internalizing and thinking. You must take a poet walk...observe every little minute detail. :-)

Mariah - it is addicting indeed!

Reason - thank you so much for the words of wisdom! You are so very right! ;-)

Karen - I am super excited about reading your first 50! I looked at it and the first sentence really hooks you!

T.Anne - no more words...your telling me you love me while your lookin away! I LOVE BERLIN!!!

PJ - I love puppies! :-) I did get some much needed rest. Thank you!

Dell- Thank you! I had a great weekend. :-)

Yamille - A typewritter eh? Sounds great! Let me know how you like it. :-)

lotusgirl said...

Somedays the world is definitely too much with me. I'd love to retreat into the peaceful countryside with no phone and no children and no need to run errands. Where is all my staff and peace and quiet that could make my writing so much easier.

Sometimes I long for the time before cell phones when I could actually get away from the world when I took a walk.

Danyelle said...

Yay for the lucky pup.

*pretends to look very intimidating*
You. Must. Revise. Your. Muse. Knows. Where. You. Live!

Litgirl01 said...

Dany - Seriously, you crack me up girl!!! LMAO I think muse went on another vacation. She calls though...the biotch!

Litgirl01 said...

Lois - I think you should go for it! are already good at observing nature. Your photos are proof! ;-)