Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Things

1. I have lived in both Italy and England.
2. I have a cat named Belle who has the most amazing blue eyes!
3. I used to play the clarinet.
4. I love musical theater.
5. I am a second generation Floridian (rare).
6. I have three sisters, two nieces, and a nephew.
7. I love Art History! I especially love the Renaissance time period in Italy. My favorite artist is Botticelli.
8. I love to cook…and to sample all different types of cuisine.
9. I love Coldplay!
10. Colin Firth is one of the sexiest men to ever live. He is Mr. Darcy! :-)
11. I like a nice glass of wine here and there. Love margheritas!
12. My grandfather played professional baseball, and he was the head chief of the fire crew at Kennedy Space Center.
13. British Literature is my passion. I adore Shakespeare!!!
14. I am divorced and unmarried.
15. I drive an SUV.
16. I used to teach highschool English, but I am teaching college English now.
17. I am a HOPELESS romantic.
18. I love to watch HGTV and TLC.
19. I have a story to tell…
20. One of my favorite things to do is to hang out with my girlfriends and watch chick flicks.
21. I was born in the wrong time period. I love history and I live in the past! :-D
22. I have a mean addiction to blogspot…
23. One of my favorite movies is Bridget Jones’ Diary.
24. One of my favorite books is Wuthering Heights.
25. I can be dramatic at times! Hence the overuse of exclamation marks. Sorry! :-D

Thanks for the idea Cindy! :-)


lotusgirl said...

We have many things in common. I think we'd be great friends. Thanks for sharing your 25 things.

Cindy said...

Hey, you're welcome. I loved the list. And oooo, Colin Firth *giggle*. Yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic, too. I think, however, I prefer Jane Eyre over Wuthering Heights. Thanks for sharing!

Litgirl01 said... live very close to me!

Cindy...I thought of more stuff when I was trying to go to sleep. LOL I love Wuthering Heights! Read it again only to look at the poetic quality of her prose. I find it brilliant! ;-)

Lady Glamis said...

We have much in common, too! I used to play the clarinet. I also love musical theater. I also love to cook and sample all different types of cuisine. I like Coldplay. I agree that Colin Firth is one of the sexiest men to ever live. He is Mr. Darcy! And yes, I named my daughter Darcy. I don't drink, so the wine is out, sorry. I love British Literature and Shakespeare!
I am also a HOPELESS romantic. I always have a story to tell. I love to hang out with my girlfriends and watch chick flicks, and I was also born in the wrong time period, hehe. I am addicted to blgs. I haven't seen Bridget Jones's Diary. Gasp! I like Wuthering Heights. And I am always dramatic!!!

See. We have a lot in common. I'm sure there's more. :)

Litgirl01 said...

Maybe we were tripets! lol What a story that would be. hehe

T. Anne said...

Lucky you to have three sisters! & I too have bee known to overuse the exclamation point! ;)

Litgirl01 said...

T. about elipses? Thank God there is someone else who partakes in comma abuse. Makes me feel better. he he ;-)

beth said...

Love the list!! What part of Italy did you live in? Florence is my favorite European city (not counting London).

Litgirl01 said...

I lived in Florence, Italy for almost a year! I studied over there with Florida State University. It was one of the best times of my life. I absolutely LOVE London too. :-) Florence has such a big part of my heart though.

T. Anne said...

LOL! If it were up to me run on sentences would be the norm, separated by commas of course!

Lynnette Labelle said...

That's a great list. I love # 25. I totally get it. I'm there with ya, but have been trying to hold back lately. I find tying my hands behind my back and typing with my nose to be helpful. ;)

Lynnette Labelle

Anita said...

I wonder why you and Lady Glamis don't play the clarinet anymore.

And have you ever seen a Chris Martin interview? Dud is hilarious. And has anyone but me seen the PBS documentary with G Paltrow in which she tours Spain eating? Love it.

Anita said...

Hah! Meant "Dude" is hilarious...not "Dud" (wouldn't want Chris to see this and think I think he's a Dud).